Steps To Creating Wealth

There are simple steps to creating wealth for you and your family. Most people spend more time planning a 1 week vacation than learning how to build a secure financial future for them and their family. More »

Economic Turmoil Can Spoil Your Wealth Building Plan

With the unstable economy, a lot of people, including myself lost thousands if not millions of dollars, destroying their financial plans. We can get depressed by it or learn from it. We need to embrace this economic situation and take the time to learn from it. Most wealthy people may have lost a lot but they also are most likely building greater wealth now than before because of what they\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve learned. What are you doing about it? More »

The Home And It\'s Equity...Not As Safe As Everyone Thought

For many years, it\'s been said that the home is the safest place to build wealth. For many years house prices just continued to go up every year. There may have been a flat or minimal reduction in house prices for a year or two...until 2008. Harry Dent, an economic forecaster, started preaching about the danger of real estate bubble since 2004. He said that this will not be a 2-3 year recession but more like 12-15 years of economic turmoil. Well it\'s been 4 years and there really isn\'t any economic improvement in site yet. More »

Making Money And Saving Money

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Who Is Henry Jose

Henry Jose is a family man, married 21 years to his beautiful wife Joy and 3 kids Isaac, Frances and Anya. Henry has been in the financial industry since 1995, as a Mortgage Planner and Financial Strategist within the Insurance Industry. More »


Paradigm Shift In Personal Finance

Paradigm Shift In Personal Finance

New Innovative And Simple Financial Strategies For The New Economy

Paradigm Shift is when a significant change happens – usually from one fundamental view to a different view.  Can we all agree that the economy has changed quite a bit?  Which means that old conventional wisdom may not work as well (if at all).  Old conventional financial products or strategies may not work as well as it did 40-50 years ago..heck even 5-10 years ago.    Technological advancements are really responsible for majority of it.  So, can we all agree that if you don’t have a cell phone today, you’re behind times?  If you don’t have an email, you’re behind times.  And in personal finance, its no different.  If you’re still only using old traditional financial products and financial strategies in your personal finance life, you are most likely behind times.  So new information is vital.  This is the purpose of this website is to share some of these changes, ideas, strategies and even talk about financial products of today. ( PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE BELOW) These are things that can have a major impact in everyday above average people’s financial present and future (I don’t like to call good people who care about their future average because average to me means best of the worst and worst of the best.  If you’re reading this, I already know you are above average right?).   One thing you’ll find in this website is that it is not formal. You may even find grammatical error, heck you may even find a word misspelled here and there.   You’ll also find that I may have a video version of the subject I’m sharing.  I don’t know about you, but I much prefer watching a video or having an audio playing than to read long information.  I may have both or I may have some of the details mostly on video.  Then on video, you may see me in a T-shirt or baseball cap.  It’s probably because, when I thought about the subject, I was in those clothes and decided to create the video right away before I forget.  So I hope as you read or watch the information, it’s like you and me are sitting on dining table, just having a conversation about this stuff.  Although this is a very relaxed and conversational information, the information I will provide here are not necessarily only opinions only but also factual.

Here are the following immediate subjects that we are going to discuss here and it may grow to even more as time goes.  I don’t want to overwhelm you and I’ll try to keep it categorized:

  • Retirement and Taxes
  • Insurance
  • College Planning/Funding
  • Income Diversification
  • Debt Elimination
  • Real Estate/Mortgage

Before we get started, who am I anyway???  Hello, my name is Henry Jose, and I’m one of you.  One who cares about providing for his family,  who want to see his family be secure financially but also want to be able to enjoy life.  Like most of you, I want my kids to be better than me and live better than me.  I also want to make sure that we get to live a great life, now and in the future.  I want to be FREE from financial bondage and be financially independent.   Well, outside of making sure we live by the right morals and raise our family right, living a great life cost money.  So this site is about money, and how to optimize our personal finance, the simplest ways possible.  On the professional side, I’ve been in the financial industry for over 18 years and I’ve spent a lot of those years in educating people in “outside the box and innovative” financial products and services.  A lot of my experience were in mortgage planning (proper analysis and use of mortgage products and real estate based on a person’s short & long term financial goal) and alternative/supplemental retirement planning through the insurance industry(non-traditional).  In addition, I’ve also spent over 25 years in the home based business industry, again, an outside the box way of generating additional income.  You can learn more about me on the “About Me” page.

But this is about you, in hopes that information I provide here can be helpful to you.  One thing I know, not everyone, will agree with ideas, products and strategies I provide here.  A lot of times, its because a lot of the things I will provide here are “outside the box” of traditional thinking or knowledge.  There are going to be times where it seems that I may be putting down or totally discrediting certain products or strategies that maybe even you are doing right now.  I don’t mean to, I believe, I just may have better, simpler strategies and products that I have found.  I never like putting down anyone, any product, strategy or company.  I highly suggest to take the shopping cart method, take what you like and leave the ones you don’t.  Don’t let one thing I say that you disagree with automatically assume that everything else I write will be not good.  My favorite hobby is learning, studying, researching and teaching innovative things I learn.  Like I mentioned above, one thing you will find is that this is not going to be one of those formal, very proper with perfect grammar website, heck maybe even spelling, or very, so called, “professional” presentation of information.  I hope as you read the information or watch the videos, you feel as if we’re having a conversation and that you’re learning a lot that you as research are actually based on facts because that’s my intent.

All the information on this site are not based on personal opinion but mostly factual.  Facts, that unfortunately, most people don’t know about.  I’m not going to claim I know everything, or claim that the strategies here are the only way but I believe, based on research, studies, interviewing professionals and clients, that these are great & simple strategies and products.  Again, everything here is NOT FOR EVERYONE.

So lets get to it! ( Oh yeah before we get really going, please read my disclosure below)


The information provided on this website is for informational and educational puposes only.  The financial products and strategies shared on this website are great and very powerful but they’re NOT  for everyone.    NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING IN FINANCE…even if they have their own TV or radio show.  People will always be biased based on what strategy or product they know and how much they know about them.  I don’t get into information that I don’t know about and only share those I do and have access to . I encourage you to do your own research but stay open minded but don’t confuse yourself, because you can get overwhelmed.  My goal is NOT to give you advice but to give you proper information so that YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION AND NOT BE SOLD TO. In addition, the tax treatment of products and services discussed within this website are based on my current understanding of tax laws and regulations, which are subject to change. Such information is presented for educational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as professional tax advice. You should always consult your personal tax adviser or attorney (but make sure they are professionals that truly know the laws in question).                            I DO NOT GIVE TAX OR LEGAL ADVISE



How To Succeed In Network Marketing Part Time

<h2><strong>How To Succeed In Network Marketing Part Time</strong>,</h2>
is usually the questions most marketers have in their mind.  How come so many people succeed and so many people don’t.  I look back when I first built my first Network Marketing business, I ask myself, how come I have so many sharp people in my business but they don’t make it.  Sometimes people use the excuse that it’s because they’re busy or they work a lot of hours.  You know, its been over 13 years since I’ve been able to work from home. Honestly, it took me a while (almost 5 years, took me 3 years to make my first $1000/mo) before getting to that point in my home business. I was able to give my wife her FREEDOM first to raise our babies then I came home.

But it didn’t happen without these secrets!  So here’s the video, watch, learn, enjoy then implement!

<center><iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″></iframe></center>

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